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Viagio Channel Manager
Connect 130+ of OTAs & More

Viagio Channel Manager is a complete hotel distribution software for hotels...

Take a total control the hotel inventory and reservations all cross online sales channels.


Viagio Hotel Channel Manager

Connect 130+ OTAs & Other Hotel Booking Channels.

Viagio Hotel Channel Manager is a complete hotel distribution software for hotels to take a total control the hotel inventory and reservations all cross online sales channels.

Connect with  130+ travel booking websites including all major OTAs (Agoda, Booking.com, Expedia, Ctrip, Traveloka, Hotels.com etc.) and many more.  Seamless integrating with GDSs (Global Distribution Systems), Vacation Rentals, Meta-search Engines (TripAdvisor, Google Hotel Ads, Trivago), Hotel PMS (Property Management System) and  Hotel Booking Engines

Why Viagio Hotel Channel Manager ?

  • Increase Hotel’s Sales Channels

    Connecting with over 130+ hotel booking channels including all major OTAs, GDSs, Meta Search Engines and more.

  • Increase Hotel Staff’s Productivity

    Automated and real time update, rate parity control and minimize over bookings to maximize revenue.

  • Increase Hotel Revenue

    Seamless integration with Hotel PMS and Booking Engine to fully manage and maximize the use of your hotel inventory.

  • Sell Your Hotel Anywhere

    Easily manage and sell your hotel anywhere anytime with our Mobile Application available for both PMS and Channel Manager with one login.

Manage All Hotel Booking Channels at One Single Dashboard.

Our Highlight Features

Easy-to-use Hotel Channel Manager to take total control and manage the inventory and rates all across connected hotel's sales channels.

  • OTAs+ GDS +Meta Search Engines Connectivity

    Real-time update your rates and hotel inventory to all connected channels including OTAs (Online Travel Agencies), Meta Search Engines ( Google Hotel Ads, Trivago, TripConnect), Global Distribution Systems (GDS), Vacation Rental Portals (AirBnB, Flipkey) and more channels.

  • Seamless Integration with PMS and Booking Engine

    Our system can be integrated with a property management system of any kind as well as online booking engines seamlessly.  Once the booking is confirmed, the distribution system will further update the revised inventory on all connected channels along with the hotel website.

  • Real-Time Update Rates & Inventory

    With our smart Hotel Channel Manager, it’s easier and simpler to sell your rooms on all channels. You can control your hotel inventory and update rates real-time at a single dashboard. More efficient work,  minimize human errors and over bookings.

  • Guest Self-Service Portal

    Guest Self-Service Portal allows your guests to manage their bookings and some special requests. The guests can access the features for which privilege has been given by you such as managing the profile, confirm check-in, transportation request, modify booking, cancel booking and check billing and more. 

  • Synchronizing Master and Derived Rate Plans

    Updating rates and room allotments can be done faster and quicker. Our online channel manager synchronizes the master rate plans with derived rates, similar to the system of major OTAs. So, if you make any change or update to the master rate plan, the system will automatically update the edits on the derived rate plan as well.

  • “The Stop Sale”

    Just one click, you can stop selling on all connected channels and instantly updates the latest availability across the integrated PMS and all your connected OTAs and GDSs which leads to reduce hotel overbookings as well as under bookings.

  • Mobile Channel Manager

    Ease of use and convenient App that lets you manage directly within minutes, giving you more time to focus on delivering a great stay experience to your guests. Giving you easy access and quick update room rates, inventory or monitor your hotel’s online sales across all channels or even stop sale right at your smartphone.

  • Rate Shopper - Keep an Eye on your Competitor's Rate

    Hotel business is very dynamic and high competition. One of the key successful strategies is to keep an eye on your competitors. Rate Shopper is to help you analyze and monitor your competitors’ rates collected from all connected OTAs.

  • Critique Review Management

    Our review management tool, you get to know your guests better and understand what they are talking about. Precisely evaluate what is your guests’ feedback, which services are satisfied and which ones not. You will be able to track every review received from TripAdvisor, Google, OTAs and many more to come. Moreover, you can also respond to all reviews from one place.

  • Advanced Analytical Report

    We provides you with detailed reports, real-time data of the hotel to understand the yield and performance of your channels, and to identify booking trends. Easily analyze and quantify the success of connected channels as per the revenue and bookings received from them.

Viagio Hotel PMS & Channel Manager Mobile App.

  • Everything you need to grow your hotel in just one click.

  • Easy manage and sell your hotel anywhere anytime.

Ease of use and convenient App that lets you manage directly within minutes.  This Mobile App is one stop solution application to ease your daily hotel operations with intelligent cloud-based PMS combined with powerful Channel Manager to simplify and manage your online hotel sales channels effectively.