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Viagio Booking Engine

Your official website is the front door to welcome your guests.

Your official website is the front door to welcome your guests. We will work with your team closely how we can deliver the best guest experience and increase conversions on your website.


Viagio Booking Engine for Hotels

Drive More Your Hotel Direct Bookings and Increase Profitability.

Viagio Booking Engine is an all-inclusive online booking system specially designed for hotels, resorts from individual brands to chain hotels and hostel rooms. Our effective booking engine system will help to increase your direct bookings and maximize sales revenue from your official website.

Why miss a single chance! Turn your website into a 24/7 sales channel.

Increase Hotel Direct Sales with Our Effective Hotel Booking Engine.

Our hotel booking engine offers your guests a quick and smooth booking experience within 3 simple steps.

Talk to our hotel experts today to increase your direct bookings!

  • Drive Direct Bookings to Your Hotel Website

    Drive more traffic, convert your website viewers to actual customers. Get more direct bookings from your own official website.

  • Lower Commission & Higher Margin

    Pay less commission and pay per the materialized bookings or transactions of actual stays only.

  • Maximize Revenue & Profitability

    Increase your direct sales with a higher profit margin compared with OTAs. Manage your own promotions at any time and control your rates and availability in real-time.

  • All-Inclusive Solutions for Hotels and Resorts

    Fully integrated with Hotel PMS, Channel Manager, Meta Search Engines and other marketing solutions that you can easily sell and manage all across OTAs and other sales channels.

  • Secured Payment Methods

    Turn your website into a 24/7 sales channel. Variety of payment options to make it easy for your customers to pay instantly and securely.

  • Professional Support

    We will help you from the 1st step through all processes. Our expert team will ensure that you get the most of your marketing strategy and increase your direct sales.

Our Highlight Features

Ease of use, flexible and reservation-oriented. Our booking engine offers your guests to get advantage of your special offers, promo codes and holiday packages.

  • Effective Booking Management

    • Instant confirmation (E-voucher)
    • Real time allotment update booking alert
    • Specific market source.
    • Specific time of booking and device.
    • Individual on black out promotion.
  • Property Management

    • Room Type 
    • Rate plan
    • Add-ons 
    • Transfer
    • Extra options
  • Sales & Marketing Tools

    • Promotions
    • Discount code
    • URL promotion generator.
    • Add-on benefits
    • Meta Search Marketing (Google Hotel Ads)
  • Multiple Payment Methods

    • International gateways: 
    • Local bank gateways
    • Counter service at 7-11 
    • Credit card guarantee 
    • Deposit payment
    • Pay at hotel
  • Membership management

    • Guest profile
    • Member rates and promotion
    • Discount code
  • Customer Review Management

    • Collect, monitor and your customer reviews 
    • Manage online reputation and improve customer experience
  • B2B Management

    • Easily manage your travel agencies from around the world just a few steps. 
    • Manage rates and allotment by agent tiers
    • 3 Levels of  Allotment Allocation to maximize use of room inventory
    • Manage promotion and package by market segment
    • Allow multiple room bookings in only one reservation
  • Dashboard and Analytical Reports

    • Dashboard with snapshots of overall report
    • Provide detailed booking report in different types
    • YTD production report based on different criterias 
    • Analysis data and insights to analyze your marketing strategy and foresee your hotel production
  • More Support & Service by Professionals

    • Revenue analyst team: To support, analyse data and assist with how to create campaigns to boost sales volume and generate more direct bookings.
    • Marketing consulting team : Provide consultations and straining on how to promote and increase online visibility on major search engines and social media.

Millions of travelers search and compare hotel prices in Google Search Engine every day. Let showcase your hotel and get more direct bookings from Google’s search results via advertisements.